Iceberg Babies® Baby Iceberg Lettuce

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What Makes Iceberg Babies® Unique? Our baby iceberg lettuce heads are not simply immature. Yes, we do harvest them a few days earlier than their full-size counterparts, but we also grow them from special seed, which develops a smaller size head. In addition, we and our skilled iceberg lettuce growers employ special growing methods including spacing on the ground, and timing of water and nutrients, to maintain uniform size and density. 


Smaller is Better.  A traditional favorite - once the centerpiece of every salad - iceberg lettuce gave up ground in recent years to romaine and leaf lettuces. But it's a brand new day with Iceberg Babies®. These mini gems are slightly larger than a softball, which will delight your guests, as will the texture and refreshingly crisp crunch that can only be iceberg. 


A Real Sweetie!  Iceberg Babies® are sweeter and more flavorful than conventional iceberg lettuce and the single-service size opens the door to virtually limitless serving options. 

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Serving Tips


Temperature: Keep refrigerated at 34 to 36 degrees Fahrenheit.  Relative Humidity: Maintain 90 to 95% relative humidity.  Shelf Life: 14 to 21 days.  No top ice.


Product Specifications (Corrugated carton with plastic liner) 




(P=Peak; A=Available) The peak months for production in Central California are April through November. 

In the Desert Southwest, production peaks during December through March.



  Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Salinas       P P P P P P P P  
Brawley P P P                 P



Foodservice and Retail Professionals -Garden Hearts® Iceberg Babies® are available year 'round. Order through your regular produce distributor. If your distributor doesn't carry our products, call us at 831.424.4864 and we'll help direct you or your distributor to a local service.



Distributors - Purchase Garden Hearts® Iceberg Babies® directly from our facility in Salinas, California or seasonally from Brawley, California. Call our sales department at 831.424.4864 to arrange for shipping. Remember, Garden Hearts® Iceberg Babies® are only available from Boggiatto Produce. Ask for them by name.


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