Boggiatto Produce: Quality to the Core™

Boggiatto Produce proudly serves as a recognized leader among California produce companies headquartered in the heart of the beautiful Salinas Valley. With the cool waters of Monterey Bay as our backdrop, our operations are centered in the internationally renowned Salad Bowl of the World.

In 1989, we joined several other long-established families of California produce growers and produce packers to form our company with a shared love for the land and respect for its sustainable bounty. Today, Boggiatto Produce provides romaine hearts, Brussels sprouts, baby iceberg lettuce and more to foodservice operations across the U.S. and Canada.

From our fields to restaurant chains, catering companies, large institutions and small organizations, customers know they can depend on us for the highest quality, freshest produce available. You have our professional commitment to your satisfaction with our premium products and our special brand of customer service.