About Us

produce growers and shippersIn 1989, several families, who were long established in California's produce-rich Salinas Valley, joined forces to found Boggiatto Produce, a grower and shipper of fresh produce.  Today we are celebrating our 27th anniversary!  [Click here to read about our history]

Boggiatto Produce is headquartered about 100 miles south of San Francisco in the heart of the Salinas Valley, known internationally as the "Salad Bowl of the World." The company offers a variety of fresh produce items, ranging from artichokes and Brussels sprouts to romaine hearts. The company ships million of cartons of produce year around from Central and Southern California. Our produce is shipped directly to distributors in the US and Canada, destined for grocery stores and restaurants across North America.

While we offer a variety of produce to our customers, our flagship items are:


Garden Hearts® hearts of romaine, which have set the gold standard for excellence in the foodservice industry.

Garden Hearts® Iceberg Babies®, one of the truly unique produce items which have made a "splash" in the foodservice industry in the past few years.


All our produce is grown in California.  Depending upon the season and variety, it may come from one of six California counties: Monterey, Santa Cruz, Santa Clara, San Benito, San Mateo or Imperial. This gives us the ability to supply our customers with the highest quality produce on a year around basis.  In addition, the highest standards of food safety practices and state-of-the-art methods are used in every aspect of the operation -- planting, cultivating, harvesting, packing, cooling and shipping.

We've come a long way in 27 years!

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