The Roots of Boggiatto Produce


In 1989, several families, long established in California's produce-rich Salinas Valley, joined forces to found Boggiatto Produce, a grower and shipper of fresh produce. A spin-off of the original Boggiatto family business, the new venture focused on shipping a much-larger variety of fresh produce. Founded on a tradition of excellence, this team proved to be very successful, drawing upon their families' long associations with agriculture in the Salinas Valley.  [Click here to read about Boggiatto Produce today] 




Company President Michael Boggiatto's family roots in agriculture go back to 1907 when Antonio Boggiatto, a young Northern Italian immigrant started a new life in the United States.  After trying his hand at several trades in Northern California, Antonio and his wife, Gussie, found success growing artichokes in the Castroville area of Monterey County.


Antonio's son, Eugene Boggiatto, became involved with the family business after returning from World War II in the late 1940s.  After honing his skills growing artichokes for several years, Gene established the area's first roadside produce stand and began his own artichoke shipping operation from the home ranch.


After he started marketing the artichokes from other area growers, Gene opened the first successful, centralized artichoke packing shed in 1961.  This led to many other agricultural "firsts" - First to use corrugated cartons, rather than wood crates; First to ship artichokes by air; First to effectively pre-cool artichokes prior to shipping.

Gene's son, Michael, joined the family business in 1975 to develop an artichoke mail order division.  When Gene retired, Michael assumed leadership of the family business.  In 1989 Michael, along with several other long-established area families formed a new entity, Boggiatto Produce, adding broccoli, romaine, lettuce, and other vegetables to the traditional Boggiatto artichoke product line.



One of the families instrumental in the creation of Boggiatto Produce was the Hitchcock family, represented by Vice President Jeffry Hitchcock.  


Original shareholders and board members Ron Panziera and his brother Ed Panziera, have a long family history in the South Monterey County growing area around Soledad.